Night thoughts

Changing the thinking pattern

I am blessed by my god and situations. Yeah god is giving me bouncers and i am playing like Suresh Raina so in that case its obvious to get out. Yeah its difficult but i enjoy it as far as i don’t have other option 🙂 otherwise Converting Raina into Kohli or Simmons.

“What is better for us would be better for all”

You can’t do anything otherwise changing yourself as situation demands.

As of now,
Looking forward to seeking new work. .

And reading a book. Yeah i received my book @ 3 pm. Name of the book is The Indian Securities Market written by Tadashi Endo.
What else can anyone do?

Actually sometimes i agree with those who say that “hum to katputli he us bhagwan ki” But i don’t believe in this because i think its our deeds and beliefs. What we will think we will be.

So as of now i am gonna leave all the good/bad fundas of mine which i used to tell to my closers, peer and dear ones.

“Hu bhalo ne mari duniya bhali”
Good for good – Nothing for bad.

After reading all these if u question why i am feeling relaxed than after writing all these now nothing is in my mind so :mrgreen: but no worries that’s for readers 😁😂



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