The “penny” my “God”

My this prevalent article, written in Gujarati language before, I am now converting this article into English. I hope all of you like it. Write your comments below, don’t forget that.

The “penny” my “God”

Money can buy almost all the things of the world. So far everything was fine, but emits money, man can also be purchased. Man understand the craziness of money, money is God. In today’s era of Facebook has increased the importance of money. Man’s identity was not known, his behavior, temperament, quality is also money. Which does have a place in high society to recognize those who have money and do not have any money. If you have no money, so the asking price is not a person, not being prepared to have no care. Man without money is to be alone. The money has changed the human psyche.


You have penny! The world is yours – do not! The world is a bitch.

With the money, the man can give his family all the happiness, and can provide all of their needs, there is no kind of doubt. So you have to understand that money is everything. If you do not have money, you have nothing.

People all around the world, are working alike. That work, the race for money. The patient must ask the doctor how much it will cost them to ask first what the illness is. And to deposit the money to the hospital before days, then it will be allowed to ask the obvious cure. Doctor is believed to be God. A doctor who treated the money before! The money would then be required to give in the first place!

“But the craziness that is fine as long as they are peaceful, but this did not proceed”.



Today, in the twenty-first century. Men to kill one another for the sake of some money. He will destroy each other for money. He will do anything for money, even rape. Is sold for money or kill their child.


Money so important? How much money mania dastard be reasonable?

Elders said that, using too much of anything, he drove toward destruction. And “is contrary to the genius of a man at the time of destruction”.



Do, murder for money, to rape, steal, how the right to kill their own child ??

Just before we sold so many relationships for little money! Man, snap!


He had forgotten that a financial mania – the money is not in heaven after they die. So come up with what? What kind of money on a supernatural God who had created this amazing place in the universe? God gives him the same respect, people who give honor to the amazing universe created by God. But people today have forgotten the God and money are considered the only God.

That is why it is said that the “penny” my “God”


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