Money is what saved and invested money

Money is a tool to buy happiness.
Love for our ownself and for our families and friends is happiness.
What we like to do or doing something which comes into satisfying our ownselves is probably love, as far as the general terms are concerned, otherwise there is no proper definition of love.
And we can do what we want to do just for example I like to write a lot so i can write things and publish it worldwide with the help of computer or laptop along with Internet connection, that is something without we can’t live today. Here the question is without the hard money we can not even satisfy our needs so how can anyone go for a dream?


So in short if we see, the hard earned money will satisfy our needs and gradualy with the best utilization of our hard earned money we can go for achieving our dreams.
Here the crux matter is Investment, i would rather say strategic investment is necessary.
For investment purposes there are various certified companies and instruments covering lots of features like risk cover or short term requirments or monthly returns or retirement benefits etc. that we need to analysis as per our wants, needs and futuristic dreams so that we can have a better picture of our present and future time as far as the money and dreams are concerned.
Here we have not discussed about stock or capital market so i didn’t explain what is and what about equity.
Have a nice time, stay tuned and keep updating.

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